Tribe Profile
Season Heroes vs Villains
Namesake Deception and Duplicity
Tribe Type Starting
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Heroes
Tribe Status Merged into Macquarie
Challenge Wins 4
Lowest Placing Member Torah (22/22)
Highest Placing Member Jeffrey (2/22)

Villains flag


Villains insig



Villains was a starting tribe of Tasmania

This tribe is comprised of returning players who were known for their deception and duplicity in previous seasons.


Day 1

Hvvandrew Hvvbridget Hvvbud Hvvhooker Hvvjeffrey
Hvvjoel Hvvjuice Hvvkaty Hvvmegan Hvvrb Hvvtorah
  • »» Andrew, known as Stickman who aligned with various players only to eliminate them without warning.
  • »» Bridget, who in her original season disliked the majority of her all female Phkaloum tribe and knowingly being fake in All-Stars.
  • » Bud, the main antagonist of the pre-merge in Arabia before a tribe switch sent him to Shams resulting in his boot.
  • » Hooker, part of the older Norte Chico tribe who was constantly targeted for his poor social game.
  • »» Jeffrey, who in a last ditch effort in Montenegro sold out his castmates to potentially turn on each other which failed.
  • » Joel, a self-proclaimed Villain for knowingly voting out his own tribe at the merge.
  • » Juice, notable for butting heads with Sandros and other members of the cast narrowly missing out on the final two.
  • » Katy, one of Canada's most outlandish and outspoken castaways before being evacuated.
  • » Megan, a ruthless strategist who infamously told jury members to not vote her at the Final Tribal Council.
  • » RB, who attempted to sell-out the Zeta tribe in an effort to better himself at the merge.
  • »» Torah, the runner-up of Egypt who played a dominant strategical game by flipping between alliances.

Day 19

Hvvbud Hvvhooker Hvvjordan Hvvjuice Hvvrb Hvvstephen Hvvtucker
  • » Bud
  • » Hooker
  • » Jordan, known for having history with Erik in their original season.
  • » Juice
  • » RB
  • » Stephen, known for his close friendship with fellow Hero Erin and strength in challenges.
  • » Tucker, who helped disassemble the Illyria power alliance and control the majority of the post-merge votes.


  • Their tribe flag reads Oderint dum metuant a Latin phrase meaning 'let them hate, as long as they fear'
  • The Bad Asses on The Inferno were divided based on similar qualities to that of the Villains.


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