Sandy will return to host season 21 after the official board was registered January 29th, 2014. The audition process introduced in Japan will be used once more where potential castaways will be interviewed for a spot in the competition.[1] Drew & Jared (Faroe Islands), José (Congo), Kirin (Peru & Montenegro), Ricky (India) and Tucker (Montenegro & Tasmania) were invited to act as Production Staff, interview potential players and contribute ideas for the season making this the first season to have a team of seven alumni assist Sandy.

Cherilyn, the quitter.

In the final episode for iS Live! for Japan, Sandy stated that Venezuela will be a back to basics game with a stronger emphasis on live events which became a staple in the previous season. The cast was initially slated for sixteen players but grew to twenty due to the standard of applicants with an estimated date to start production on March 5th, 2014.

Cherilyn, an original member of the Corazón tribe withdrew from competing on the second day. She was replaced by the eventual 2nd Runner-Up, Shaily.

Shaman's Redemption

Following Bali and India, this season introduced a modified version of Redemption Island known as Shaman's Redemption. At the final fourteen players, Shaman's Redemption gave players an opportunity to reenter the game at the Final Six without any form of Immunity from the first vote and would be eligible to be voted out once again. Duels followed a 1v1v1 pattern for the first and final duels with those inbetween being a 1v1.

Shaman's Redemption redeemed Gray on Day 35 after defeating Ky and Brittany.

The iSurv1vor Series

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