A Twist refers to certain game-changing alterations to the game's original format seen in Fiji. Twists have been a part of iSurv1vor since Patagonia, helping the contestants learn that the game of iSurv1vor is ever-changing. Several twists have been devised to keep contestants on their toes, as well as keep the game interesting to viewers.

List of Twists by season

This table enumerates the twists to appear in iSurv1vor seasons to mix up the classic game of iSurv1vor. Bold signifies the first time the twist occurred.

Season Twist/Changes
  • Original Format
  • Returning Player
  • Tribe Swap
  • Exile Island
  • Expanded Cast of 18 divided into 3 Tribes
  • Elimination Challenge
  • Hidden Immunity Idol
  • Extra Vote
  • Mutiny
  • Kidnapping Ability
  • Expanded Cast of 24 divided into 3 Tribes

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