In iSurv1vor, competing teams are known as Tribes. Commonly, there are two tribes, but there have been instances where three or four may be active at the same time. A tribe can have anywhere from four to eleven people at the beginning of the game.


Men vs. Women

These seasons featured tribes either at the start or partway through the season competing against a group of the opposing gender.

Old vs. Young

This season featured a group of players grouped by similar ages.

Fans vs. Favorites

These seasons featured tribes divided by fan favorite returning players against new players or some variation of the sort.

Heroes vs. Villains

This season featured returning players grouped by their previous reputation in the series.

Americans vs. The World

These seasons featured tribes divided by their nationality with Americans competing against a collective group of representatives from around the world.

Rookies vs. Veterans

These seasons featured returning players who failed in a spectacular fashion competing against new players.

Physcial vs. Mental vs. Social

These seasons featured players divided by their defining qualities to win iSurv1vor.

Blood vs. Water

These seasons featured tribes where players compete with and against a loved one.


iSurv1vor Tribes Per Season
Orange Yellow/Gold Green Blue/Teal Red Brown Purple/Pink Grey/Black White
Fiji Sabang Il Apo Cebu
Patagonia Rio Magellan Punto Tombo
The Greek Isles Delos Kimolos Mykonos Andros
China Dragonez Fu Mal Nirvana Jiansu
Egypt Giza Memphis Heqet Taweret
Cambodia Phkaloum Rbus Kunpab Mekong
Hawaii Nu'uanu Mu Humuhumu Nene
All-Stars Bucca Belenus Segomo Taranis Morrigan
Peru Norte Chico Wuttaslut Chavin
Canada Sekani Huron Yo Ho
Arabia Shams Ta'lab
Montenegro Zeta Illyria Varos
Bermuda Powell
Tasmania Macquarie Villains Heroes
Faroe Islands Skorin Kalsoy Valkyrie
Congo Kwele Rafiki Mbochi
Bali Kecak Surabaya Negara
Mexico Serpiente La Araña Aguila Tenochtitlan
India Vaishya Shudra Brahmin
Japan Chikara Koji Hinomaru
Saaki Yuubu
Venezuela Orgullo Corazón El Concurso
Haiti Liberté Jacmel Les Cayes Bon Dye
Macedonia Ellada Poseidon Zeus Hades Achilles Olympia
Neptune Jupiter Pluto Romulus
Roma Remus
Botswana Boteti Lakane Okavango
Andaman Adazig Rangat Laxmi Kalahoiya
Russia Likhi Teplo Malka Kuban
Tibet Sangha Ganden Dontok Palpung
Jordan Anjara Karak Ala Jabal Madaba Amman
Blasket Islands Moylur Fíochmar Gallarus Túath
Cheju Do Yuan Sakura Joseon
Queen Elizabeth Islands Glory Erebus Terror Qinirli


  • Brown has always been used as a pre-merge tribe color, up until the 32nd season.
  • Heroes and Villains are the only English language tribe names, all other seasons used incorporated some aspect of the host location with the exception of Fiji where Cebu, Sabang and Il Apo are Filipino and not Fijian.
  • Bermuda is the only season to have 1 tribe throughout.
  • Macedonia holds the most tribes in a single season with 13.


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