Sole iSurv1vor
Hometown Piešťany, Slovakia
Occupation Sports Management


Tribes Mbochi
Placement 1/16
Challenges Won 1
Votes Against 2
Days Lasted 39

Tomas is the winner of iSurv1vor: Congo

A native of Slovakia, Tomas' unconventional approach to the game earned him the respect of his fellow players and in doing so became the sixteenth Sole iSurv1vor.

iSurv1vor: Congo

Like i say, It was hell of a ride i won't change it for anything

–Tomas (at the Final Tribal Council)

Assigned to the foreign Mbochi tribe, Tomas was well-liked and popular within his tribe for his optimistic outlook on life and determination to do well. With english not being Tomas' first language, his broken sayings made him an endearing member of his team and gained respect when he stood up to the antagonistic nature of outcast Brandon and thus gained his first vote to eliminate.

His main alliance was with fellow foreigner and later best friend Adrian, they later pledged a final two pact which would see them both orchestrate several blindsides and co-ordinate how people play their Hidden Immunity Idols. When the tribes switched with equal members, Tomas incorrectly played his Hidden Immunity Idol but merged one round later with the rest of his former tribe mates. His alliance with Adrian and the remainder of the original Mbochi tribe became the dominant force and systematically eliminated Renee and Chris Brown who were original Kwele tribe members. In Round 8, Tomas and his alliance began to question Quanz' loyalty as they had never discussed who would leave from the core-group first and when it was assumed that Quanz was ready to flip, he was voted out.

Tomas' alliance with Adrian would come to an abrupt end three days later when the Mbochi alliance broke apart when José and Dave flipped to join Sagar and Sam. Without an alliance, Tomas became a free agent and made him the most powerful swing vote against a fractured alliance, he survived once again after rejoining José and Dave. At the Final Four, knowing that Dave was the strongest member of the tribe, Tomas reneged on the alliance and joined Sam in voting him out. At the Final Immunity Challenge, Tomas was narrowly beaten by Sam and was taken to the final two.

The Jury applauded his strategy of being well-liked but criticised how easy it would be to beat him the final. Tomas' softer and friendlier approach to questions compared to his opponent earned him votes from Renee, José, Dave and his best friend, Adrian.

Voting History

Tomas's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Danielle
2 Mbochi Immune
3 Brandon Brandon
4 Brandon -
5 Sagar -
6 Renee Sam, Sagar, Chris
7 Chris -
8 Quanz -
9 Sam -
10 Sagar -
11 Dave Dave
Ineligible -
Jury Votes
To Win
José, Adrian, Dave, Renee
Sole iSurv1vor, Day 39


Tomas appeared on the first season of iS Live! to discuss the Bali contestants and his experiences in Congo.


  • Tomas first language is Slovak, making him the first non-native English speaking winner.
    • His appearance saw another Slovakian compete in Mexico called Zavi.
  • Tomas is the second european winner (after Tucker)
  • Tomas shares the same birthday as Hawaii winner Allan