The season was given positive reviews based on the homages paid to the two previous Fans vs. Favorites installments alongside the returning players and especially towards the new players with breakouts such as Kim, Martyna, Adam and Justin although criticism regarding the mechanics of the Black and White pearls and lack of knowledge regarding how they're incorporated for the Dontok tribe as they had consistently won tribal immunities was critiqued though the Production stated that this was in part to their continuous winning streak and the Pearls powers weren't revealed until a tribe visits Tribal Council as mentioned in the opening of the game.

Ginny's victory also garnered a mixed reception from some viewers and alumni with many believing fellow finalist and returning player Kay should have won and that her victory was more voting against Kay versus Ginny's game akin to Russell Hantz and Natalie White from Survivor Samoa though the jury have openly objected this claim stating Kay's justification for votes would've been greater had she been less defensive when questioned. Once the game finished, a large number of the cast have remained in contact and have maintained the Tibet skype chat independently.

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