The season was announced during Russia once the tribes merged to Teplo. Sandy announced his return to the series with Jermaine and Joe reprising their roles. Ricky and Noah return to fulfil their responsibilities in casting and social media respectively alongside newcomers Rachel from Russia and Mike T. from Andaman who have signed on as the dual-hosts of iSurv1vor Live! replacing Mac. Tucker returns to hosting after Andaman. Casting for the Favorites began on December 11th, 2015 with Fans casting starting on December 13th.

Casting for the season permitted the Production Team to simultaneously pick players for Tibet and the untitled twenty-eighth season which would feature all new players.[1] Those not chosen for Tibet would be contacted first once the next season began Production. In keeping with the tradition set in Japan the cast reveal for the season would begin over The 12 Days of iSurv1vor with one fan and favorite being revealed each day in the run up to the premiere.[2] One of the original ideas for the tribe division would be by gender and status as planned in Japan even as far as the fourth tribe and buff being created, Sershul.

Matthew (Hawaii & All-Stars), Ian (Congo), Hunter (Russia), O'Henry (Andaman), Danny (Russia), Max (Andaman), Sharonica (Faroe Islands & Botswana), Natalie (Russia), Markos (Andaman), Constance (Russia) and Joanne (Haiti & Macedonia) were shortlisted to compete again but were cut. The location for the season was scouted by Noah.


The iSurv1vor Series

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