The iSurv1vor Scavenger Hunt
Gannon (Russia) pours milk over his head
iSurv1vor Challenge
Description A revamped version of the classic Scavenger Hunt where all players must search for items and document them via video/photograph to score points.
Appearance(s) Venezuela - Present

The iSurv1vor Scavenger Hunt is a recurring tribal, individual and later redemption challenge introduced in the early seasons of iSurv1vor later retooled to a tradition in the series where a music video is played over the best efforts alongside the current Production Team and released during that particular seasons run for the players, alumni and viewers.

Seasons Played

Season Winning Player(s)/Tribe(s) Song of the
SeasonTwentyoneLogo Corazón "Timber"
-Ke$ha feat. Pitbull
SeasonTwentytwoLogo Les Cayes "Wild Wild Love"
-G.R.L feat. Pitbull
SeasonTwentythreelogo Achilles "This Is How We Do"
-Katy Perry
SeasonTwentyfourlogo Botsbrandon
"Shut Up And Dance"
-Walk The Moon
SeasonTwentyFiveLogo Adazig "Love Myself"
-Hailee Steinfeld
SeasonTwentySixLogo Kuban "Ex's & Oh's"
-Elle King
SeasonTwentySevenLogo2 Dontok "Sorry (The Purpose)"
-Justin Bieber
SeasonTwentyEightLogo Amman "Cake By The Ocean"
Jordandavis Jordanderby
Davis & Derby[9]
SeasonTwentynineLogo Gallarus "All In My Head
Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time"
-Fifth Harmony/Panic! At The Disco
Chejudologo Yuan "Love On Me"
-Galantis & Hook N Sling
Lessgo Erebus "Touch"
-Little Mix
NetherlandsLogo Zege "F.A.B.(Fake Ass Bitches)"
-JoJo feat. Remy Ma


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