Tribe Profile
Season Rookies vs Veterans
Namesake Named after Sura (a crocodile) and Baya (a shark) folklore tale.
Tribe Type Merged from Kecak and Negara
Day Formed Day 13
Tribe Status Active
Lowest Placing Member Danny (11/16)
Highest Placing Member Joe (1/16)



Surabaya has no insignia.



Surabaya was the merged tribe of Bali

The tribe is composed of members from Kecak who were new contestants to iSurv1vor and Negara who had previously competed in previous seasons but failed to reach the Jury.


Balibill Balibrandon Balidanny BalidylanBalifiers
Baligibson Baliheeral Balijoe Balijordan Balikieran Balitim
  • Bill
  • » Brandon, known for his antagonistic nature against the Mbochi tribe in his original season.
  • » Danny, the first man voted out of the all male Rbus Kunpab tribe.
  • Dylan
  • » Fiers, remembered for struggling in his original season ultimately becoming the first player voted out.
  • » Gibson, who after a tribe swap fell into the minority and voted out before the merge.
  • Heeral
  • Joe
  • Jordan
  • Kieran
  • Tim


  • The tribe name was chosen by Kieran.


The iSurv1vor Series

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