Tribe Profile
Season Fans vs Favorites 3
Namesake Tibetan word for Community
Tribe Type Merged from Dontok and Palpung
Day Formed Day 20
Tribe Status Active
Lowest Placing Member Desireé (13/24)
Highest Placing Member Ginny (Sole iSurv1vor)



Sangha has no insignia.



Sangha is the merged tribe of Tibet

Composed of Fans and Favorites, this tribe is the 100th overall in the series.


Day 20

Tibetadam Tibetchris Tibetdesiree
Tibeteric Tibetginny Tibetgray
Tibetjustin Tibetkay Tibetkim
Tibetmartyna Tibettanya Tibettierra Tibetzac
  • Adam
  • » Chris, a member of the original "American" Kwele tribe who failed to vote anyone out.
  • Desireé
  • » Eric, a "fan" in his original season.
  • » » » Ginny, originally evacuated in her original season, to notorious Villain and later Favorite.
  • » Gray, who returned from Shaman's Redemption but failed to secure Immunity leading to his second elimination in the same season.
  • Justin
  • » Kay, known for her inexperience of the game leading to her evacuation.
  • Kim
  • Martyna
  • » Tanya, who was eliminated in the second ever purple rock draw.
  • Tierra
  • Zac


  • This is the series 100th tribe and the first orange merged tribe.


The iSurv1vor Series

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