iSurv1vor Russia Voting History
Original Tribes
Switched Tribes
Merged Tribe
Episode #
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Finale
Russdanny Russmaranda Russtaylor Russyogi Russmark Russconstance Russpaulina Russaxel Russtanya Russwill Russnatalie Russjessica Russhunter Russgannon Russdaniel Russrachel Russgeorgina
Brady Danny Maranda Natalie Natalie Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel Jessica Gannon Daniel Rachel Georgina
Whitney Danny Mark Natalie None Brady Will Georgina[1] Natalie Felix Gannon Georgina Rachel Georgina
Felix Rachel Constance Paulina Win Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel Jessica Win Daniel Daniel Rachel Georgina
Georgina Taylor Will Will Daniel Natalie Jessica Gannon Daniel Whitney Brady
Rachel Taylor Will Will Daniel Natalie Jessica Gannon Whitney Whitney
Daniel Axel Natalie Natalie None Georgina Natalie Felix Gannon Georgina
Gannon Axel Whitney Exiled Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel Jessica Win Daniel
Hunter Brady Maranda Will Will Daniel Natalie Felix Lose
Jessica Danny Constance Will Will Brady Natalie Felix
Natalie Hunter Maranda Brady None Exiled Daniel Daniel
Will Hunter Maranda Constance Paulina Exiled Daniel None
Tanya Taylor Whitney Whitney[2]
Axel Felix Constance Paulina Lose
Paulina Taylor Felix Will
Constance Danny Mark Felix
Mark Brady Maranda
Yogi Yogi
Taylor Felix
Maranda Danny Brady
Danny Hunter

Final Tribal Council

Jury Vote (To Win)
Finalist: Russfelix
1/9 votes
1/9 votes
7/9 votes
Juror Vote
Georgina Brady
Rachel Brady
Daniel Brady
Gannon Brady
Hunter Whitney
Jessica Brady
Natalie Felix
Will Brady
Tanya Brady

Game Notes

  1. As Whitney reset the vote, Daniel was not voted out and a second vote occurred.
  2. As Tanya drew the Purple Rock, she was eliminated from the game.

The iSurv1vor Series

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