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Sandy confirmed his intention to host season twenty-six during the Final Tribal Council of Andaman. Britti, Joe, Jermaine and Mandy return as Production alongside newcomers Malcolm (Botswana) who hosts the tenth season of iSurv1vor Live!, Noah (Canada & Faroe Islands), O'Henry (Andaman) and Stephanie (Venezuela & Botswana) Jared who previously hosted iL1ve makes his return to Production. Tucker did not return to host but stayed on as Production, making this the first season to have a Production team of eleven. The logo was designed once again by Tucker following from the previous season with the overall premise of players being abandoned in hot places in favor of a colder climate which hasn't been used since Canada.

Sandy during the pre-game phase announced a fourth installment of All-Stars following All-Stars, Tasmania and Macedonia tentatively planned for a Summer 2016 premiere. He also mentioned that AS4 would be the next opening for returning players to compete again.

The iSurv1vor Series

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