A Purple Rock is a rare event in iSurv1vor wherein after two attempts to achieve a majority vote at Tribal Council results in a random lottery between those eligible to be eliminated from the game (though at times the opportunity to draw rocks by other methods has been achieved) To date, three people have been eliminated by this method.


In the event of a tie, the players in question would not vote, while the remaining players vote again and are immune from the re-vote. If the second vote still ends up tied, the decision is deadlocked. If the deadlock occurs at any time before the final four Tribal Council, the rest of the tribe except those in the tie, won individual immunity or used a Hidden Immunity Idol will draw rocks, and the player who gets the aforementioned "purple rock" will be eliminated. During the third rock draw in Jordan an auction item would result in a rock draw in the event of a tie.


Season Tribe Participants Eliminated
SeasonTwentytwoLogo2 Bon Dye Haitiamanda Haitijacob
Haitinikki Haitiyapp
Amanda, Jacob, Nikki, Yapp
SeasonTwentySixLogo Kuban Russbrady Russtanya
Brady & Tanya
SeasonTwentyEightLogo Ala Jabal Jordancarlos Jordandesiree Jordanjay Jordankate
Jordanmandy Jordannicole Jordanreynolds Jordantravis
Carlos, Desireé, Jay, Kate
Mandy, Nicole, Reynolds, Travis


  • There is an equal division of gender for all Rock Draws.

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