The Player of the Season is a post-game title awarded from Bali onwards to the person(s) who receives the greatest amount of alumni votes.


From Bali to Macedonia all cast members from their respective season are eligible to win, votes are cast by the iSurv1vor Alumni with the results announced on finale though from Botswana onwards only those who make the jury are eligible.


The winner of Player of the Season unlike the Sole iSurv1vor (unless they hold both titles) does not have a Wikia page created. Although there is no true value, it is a clear indication that they were well liked within their game by the alumni and viewers, as such their chance to return for another season is increased.

Player of the Season History

Season Winner Percentage
Bali Balidylan Dylan 20%
Mexico Mexicosassy Sassy 17%
India Indiajermaine Jermaine 15%
Japan Japansami Samantha 16.67%
Japannicole Nicole
Japansassy Sassy
Venezuela Venezaudrey Audrey 13.85%
Haiti Haitijacob Jacob 14.29%
Macedonia Maceryan Ryan 8.85%
Botswana Botsmalcolm Malcolm 16.67%
Andaman Andaarsen Arsen 20.97%
Russia Russgannon Gannon 21.56%
Tibet Tibetkay Kay 28.83%
Jordan Jordancarlos Carlos 18.03%
Blasket Islands Blasketrosie Rosie 23.53%
Cheju Do Dennis Dennis 20%


  • Kay has won by the largest margin while Ryan has won by the smallest margin of vote.
  • Sassy is the first person to win Player of the Season twice.
  • Jermaine is the first Sole iSurv1vor to win this title but not during the same season (his was earned during his second season)
  • Samantha, Audrey and Jacob have won their respective seasons and also earn Player of the Season.
  • Japan is the only season where there has been a tie for 1st place, since then a rule has been in place where any tie for 1st is broken by Sandy.

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