The eighteen castaways were divided into two tribes. Norte Chico were the older tribe while Chavin were the younger tribe.

Contestant Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe Finish
Perupiers Fiers Chavin
Perumelody Melody Norte Chico
Perujoey Joey Norte Chico
Perumattf Matt F. Norte Chico Chavin
Perukanga Kanga Chavin Norte Chico
Perukylee Kylee Chavin Chavin
Perualyssa Alyssa Chavin Chavin Wuttaslut
Perumattd Didham Chavin Chavin
Peruginny Ginny Norte Chico Norte Chico
Peruhooker Hooker Norte Chico Norte Chico
Perukerri Kerri Chavin Norte Chico
Perujordan Jordan Norte Chico Norte Chico
Peruzack Zack Chavin Norte Chico
Perubritti Britti Norte Chico Chavin
Perucaydie Caydie Norte Chico Chavin
Perueddie Eddie Norte Chico Norte Chico
Perukirin Kirin Chavin Chavin Runner-Up
Peruerik Erik Chavin Chavin Sole iSurv1vor

The iSurv1vor Series

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