Tribe Profile
Season Rookies vs Veterans
Namesake Negara, Capital City of Bali
Tribe Type Starting
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Kecak
Tribe Status Merged into Surabaya
Lowest Placing Member Heather (15/16)
Highest Placing Member Fiers (6/16)

Flag unavailable.


Negara has no insignia.


Buff unavailable.

Negara was a starting tribe of Bali

This tribe is comprised of returning players who failed to recover from past mistakes in their previous seasons. In addition they are the only tribe to compete during the entire pre-merge portion of the game and never win Tribal Immunity.


Day 1

Balibrandon Balidanny Balifiers Baligibson Baliheather Balikleinzan Balimariconda Baliparq
  • » Brandon, known for his antagonistic nature against the Mbochi tribe in his original season.
  • » Danny, the first man voted out of the all male Rbus Kunpab tribe.
  • » Fiers, remembered for struggling in his original season ultimately becoming the first player voted out.
  • » Gibson, who after a tribe swap fell into the minority and voted out before the merge.
  • » Heather, known for her passive aggressive behaviour when people disagreed with her beliefs on how to play.
  • » Kleinzan, who was the victim of a majority alliance sending him out of the game early.
  • » Mariconda, at the time the castaway to wait the longest before returning to play again.
  • » Parq, after being swapped onto Shams he went from a strong position to being voted out before the jury.


  • A second Veterans tribe, Okavango would share a somewhat similar fate in Botswana despite securing an Immunity win.


The iSurv1vor Series

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