for the Andaman winner see Mike T.
Mike D.
Sole iSurv1vor
Hometown York, Pennsylvania


Tribes Powell
Placement 1/13
Days Lasted 39

Mike D. is the winner of iSurv1vor: Bermuda

iSurv1vor: Bermuda

... everyone else was truely [sic] heartbreaking to see being voted out, but in order for me to advance they needed to be done

–Mike (at Final Tribal Council)

Voting History

Mike D.'s Voting History
Mike D.'s
Voted Against
Mike D.
1 Placed 10th
2 No Vote
3 Scott Zander, Kevin, Scott
4 Klein -
5 Immune
6 Immune
7 Kevin -
8 Megan -
9 Megan -
10 Zander -
11 Sandy Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
To Win
Sandy, Zander, Stephen, Erin
Sole iSurv1vor, Day 39

The iAmaz1ng Race

Mike joined the inaugral season of The iAmaz1ng Race with Mariconda from Patagonia. They were eliminated in the first episode placing 14th overall.


Mike was shortlisted to compete on India as the third returning winner alongside Jermaine and Joe but was cut at the last minute with Cody from Mexico.


  • Mike is the only Sole iSurv1vor to win with the smallest cast (13)
  • In a similar fashion to Allan, as Mike won the season before Tasmania he was ineligible to play.


 Mike D.

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