• This is the first eighteen player season since Arabia.
  • La Arana was a last minute decision to incorporate three tribes after expanding the cast from sixteen to eighteen.
  • Sandy, Kirin and Tucker's avatars were determined by which tribe they backed. Tucker had Aguila, Kirin had La Arana and Sandy had Serpiente. This had zero impact on the game.
    • Adrian had a Gold avatar suggesting the merge tribe color but was later changed to pink.
  • Tribes weren't divided by "common-ground" unlike the last two seasons, being drafted by Production prior to the game starting.
  • All Episode titles will be in Spanish.
  • Sassy, Slayer and Zavi are nicknames for Cassandra, Michael and Peter respectively.
  • In Episode 4, the original Immunity Challenge "Cactus Jack" was scrapped part-way through due to a conflicting issue with accumulating points. The challenge was replaced with a variation of the game "21" - this is the first time in the history of the series that the original challenge did not happen.
  • Every member of the original La Arana tribe that made the merge all won Individual Immunity at one point.
  • This is the series first all-male Final Three to face a Jury vote to win.
  • Rich is the second person to earn zero votes on reaching the Final Tribal Council.

The iSurv1vor Series

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