Tribe Profile
Season Heroes vs Villains
Namesake Macquarie River
Tribe Type Merged from Heroes and Villains
Day Formed Day 22
Tribe Status Active
Lowest Placing Member RB (11/22)
Highest Placing Member Tucker (1/22)

Flag unavailable.


Macquarie has no insignia.



Macquarie was the merged tribe of Tasmania

The tribe is composed of members from both the Heroes and Villains who were notable for their honesty and integrity or deception and duplicity.


Hvvashley Hvverin Hvvhooker Hvvjeffrey Hvvjordan
Hvvjuice Hvvmorgan Hvvrb Hvvstephen Hvvtom Hvvtucker
  • » Erin who started Bermuda with fellow Hero Stephen. After being cursed at the final six she was voted out.
  • » Hooker, part of the older Norte Chico tribe who was constantly targeted for his poor social game.
  • »» Jeffrey, who in a last ditch effort in Montenegro sold out his castmates to potentially turn on each other which failed.
  • » Jordan, known for having history with Erik in their original season.
  • » Juice, notable for butting heads with Sandros and other members of the cast narrowly missing out on the final two.
  • »» Morgan, known as the first Heroine of iSurv1vor.
  • » RB, who attempted to sell-out the Zeta tribe in an effort to better himself at the merge.
  • » Stephen, known for his close friendship with fellow Hero Erin and strength in challenges.
  • »»Tom, regarded as the first Hero of iSurv1vor and known for his popularity in the series.
  • » Tucker, who helped disassemble the Illyria power alliance and control the majority of the post-merge votes.


  • The tribe was named by Tucker


The iSurv1vor Series

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