Sandy has confirmed his intention to host Macedonia/production and will step down from the role of Executive Producer on completion. A Blood vs. Water style season spearheaded by two-time player Kirin (Peru & Montenegro) following her lead role as a host from Bali was in development going as far as early casting calls to gather interest on the iSurv1vor Facebook Group[1] however, on May 9th, 2014, the season reverted to an All-Stars.[2] Samm will join Production once again joined by newcomer Bailey (Venezuela)

José will return to host iS Live marking his third time to front the show.

Unlike previous All-Stars, restrictions for particular players were lifted, specifically Sole iSurv1vor's being ineligible to compete was not enforced for Jacob as he was one of the first to be revealed as a castmate and the rule of a maximum of three-times you can play iSurv1vor as Allan, Britti and Taylor became the first players to play for a 4th time. Andii (Hawaii, All-Stars & Faroe Islands) was also under consideration but could not be contacted in time. She returned in Botswana.

Unlike the two previous seasons where applicants had to take part in an interview process, Sandy officially announced that returning players will be invited by himself to compete stating "AS3 is going to consist of players I enjoy and want to host again"[3] all potential players were given a two-week countdown to complete their required videos on July 2nd, 2014.[4]


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