Sole iSurv1vor Profile
Hometown Woodland, CA
Occupation Teacher


Tribes Serpiente
Placement 1/18
Alliances Hotboii's
Challenges Won 7
Votes Against 2
Days Lasted 39

Kurtis is the winner of Mexico

An "Old School" ORG player, Kurtis routinely broke character and emphasized the need to draw the line when it came to personal relationships. His straight forward and logical approach to working with people he would later vote out and openly breaking the fourth wall with viewers earned him the votes to become the eighteenth Sole iSurv1vor.

Kurtis was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013.


Kurtis attended UC Davis where he studied teaching.

iSurv1vor: Mexico

Well... 5 years later and I've still got it.


Assigned to the green tribe, Serpiente, Kurtis within moments secured a four person alliance with Skylar, John and Jacob as the strongest in their group. Although winning the first immunity challenge and having Skylar have the Vote Control ability, Kurtis' intention to vote off a less than active Skylar out the very next round all the while nurturing a friendship with outsider Zavi. After the third Tribal Council, Kurtis switched to the dominant Aguila tribe which was deemed more powerful than their opponents and routinely enjoyed success by winning every single challenge until the merge.

During the events of one Immunity Challenge, Kurtis failed to hide an alliance in a screen shot which quickly circulated around the tribes of a cross-tribal alliance with Jacob, John, Bryan and Sassy. Navigating this difficult time in the game saw Kurtis get into the good graces of his tribe mates and when he competed in challenges people knew of his ability. On Day 19 when the tribes merged, Kurtis formed an immediate connection with Joe and Rich to bring them in as affiliates to his already powerful alliance which had yet to be dismantled - during this time until the end of the game, Kurtis controlled every vote whilst never bidding on the Hidden Immunity Idol. At the Final Tribal Council, he was criticized for lying to his supposed alliances before voting them out but praised his Immunity wins and his social skills by knowingly separating personal relationships from the competition. Earning seven of the eight eligible votes to win, Kurtis became the next Sole iSurv1vor.

Voting History

Kurtis's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Serpiente Immune
2 Skylar -
3 Tina -
4 Aguila Immune
5 Aguila Immune
6 Aguila Immune
7 John Individual Immunity
8 Cody -
9 Jacob -
Billy -
10 Bryan -
11 TJ TJ, Sassy
12 Sassy Individual Immunity
Zavi Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
To Win
John, Billy, Bryan
Jacob, TJ, Sassy, Zavi
Sole iSurv1vor, Day 39

iSurv1vor: Macedonia

Voting History

Kurtis's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Hades Immune
2 Mary
3 Kyle
4 Fei
Voted Out, Day 12



  • Kurtis applied for the following seasons
    • Faroe Islands - cut during the application process
    • Congo - applied but email didn't go through in time
    • Bali - recruited but did not play
  • Kurtis never bid on the Hidden Immunity Idol
  • Kurtis' partner in the game was TQ, they have played the same ORGs across dozens of series.