Tribe Profile
Season Andaman
Namesake Nicobarese for 'Sky'
Tribe Type Merged from Adazig, Laxmi and Rangat
Day Formed Day 19
Tribe Status Active
Lowest Placing Member O'Henry (10/17)
Highest Placing Member Mike T. (1/17)

Flag unavailable.


Kalahoiya has no insignia.



Kalahoiya was the merged tribe of Andaman

This tribe is comprised of three tribes, Adazig, Laxmi and Rangat who were initially divided based on their performance in the first Individual Immunity Challenge on day two.


Andaarsen Andadavid Andaemily Andagloria Andakyle
Andalila Andamike Andaohenry Andavanessa Andavest


  • The tribe name was chosen by Vanessa.
  • The correct pronunciation of the tribe name is Kah-lah-o-ae.
  • This merge at ten is the first since India
    • Coincidentally they also merged from three tribes, but was treated more of an absoprtion as Brahmin was also a starting tribe.
  • This is the first black merged tribe to be used since Cambodia nineteen seasons ago.


The iSurv1vor Series

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