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Season Run: 2016
(list of episodes)
iSurv1vors: 21
» » » Nicole
Runner(s)-up: » Desireé
Tribes: Anjara
Ala Jabal
Davis (29)
Melissa (31)
Fabian (31)
Stephanie (31)
Shon (31)
Previous Season: Tibet
Next Season: iS - Blasket Islands
iCha11enge - Inferno
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iSurv1vor: Jordan is the twenty-eighth season of iSurv1vor.

This season will feature fifteen brand new castaways divided by the defining qualities of Mental Karak, Social Madaba and Physical Anjara.[1] with the theme being based on key attributes needed to win iSurv1vor. In a change from previous seasons, three returning players will return to coach the new castaways and co-ordinate on their tribes behalf but for the most part they are restricted from competing in challenges unless otherwise directed. During a coaches tenure they will enjoy protection from Tribal Council but once a player is voted out the rest of the tribe votes on whether or not to continue under their leadership or allow another to take their place, de-throning the coach and reverting them to player status and becoming vulnerable at the next vote.[2][3] Three additional returning players were chosen by their respective tribes that also embody the aforementioned qualities but are regarded as regular players also make an appearance in the season.[4][5] This serves as the final season of Generation IV and feature more women than men competing.

This season introduces the Salvation Cup whereby the coach of the losing tribe would be able to protect a player of their choice once all other players have voted thus keeping an assumed stronger individual to benefit the tribe.[6] Redemption Island (known as Redemption Cemetery) returned as a regular feature in the season since Venezuela and was revealed to the players when three players were sent to compete in their first duel.

On Day 10 the three tribes were dissolved into two new tribes that encompass the emotional aspects of competing in iSurv1vor with Mandy being de-throned to a regular player and Ricky and Nicole leading Amman and Al-Salt respectively.[7]

On Day 15 several members of the cast were punished due to attempted cross-tribal communication, leading to Shon and another penalized party being forced to be eliminated by Nicole sending Shon to Redemption.[8] On Day 22 the tribes merged with Jay returning from redemption and the coaches twist being retired. The tribe name, Ala Jabal was coined by Travis.

A purple rock draw took place on Day 25 when Izzy exercised her auction item to force a draw after a tie between Patia and Ricky with Reynolds being eliminated from play. After the elimination of Patia on Day 29 it was revealed that the wearer of the crown bought at the iSurv1vor Auction when the final eight is reached will be immune whilst a final Coaches style challenge takes place, Carlos won this challenge and cast a single vote to eliminate somebody from the tribe sending them to Redemption Cemetery where they will compete for their jury spot against Davis and Fabian. He chose Dylan who ultimately lost his juror spot to Davis.

A final two faced the jury this season, the first time since Andaman and will be the first to have eleven jury members.

Mandy was inducted into the 100 Club on Day 23 and Nicole claimed the most days playing iSurv1vor with 144.

"Cake By The Ocean" by DNCE was chosen as The iSurv1vor Scavenger Hunt's song of the season.

Nicole won the season in a 9-2 vote, the second four-time player to win the game.

Carlos won Player of the Season in a 18.03% vote defeating Ricky and Jay.


The announcement of this season coincided with the overwhelming success of Russia confirming the series up until season 30 and the planned fourth All-Stars game. Sandy confirmed his intention to host the season along with regulars Tucker, Jermaine and Joe. Rachel returned for iS Live! but after the first episode she departed the team with Constance (Russia) assuming hosting duties. Ricky departed the Production Team during Tibet with his responsibilities in casting given to Noah but left shortly before the game began to focus on other projects. Zack (India) and Tanya (Russia & Tibet) join as an interns whilst Mike T. departed the team but returned for the fourth Immunity Challenge.

The forum was designed by Tucker and inspired by the mysticism of Arabian folklore. Casting began almost immediately after the Tibet reunion with the team contacting those who were unsuccessful in the previous season alongside new auditionees. The seasons logo was revealed during the Tibet finale using the hashtag "#PlayToWin". On March 6th, 2016 Sandy announced the intention for previous alumni to audition for a coaching role in this season[9] with the three tribe names and buffs released a few days later. Lorii from Hawaii, All-Stars and Montenegro was approached to return as a coach but declined due to work commitments.

The new players were introduced one by one starting from April 2nd, 2016 with their "Meet Me" videos though their tribe designation was not revealed.

Coaches vote

Thirty former players will be announced as potential coaches with the top three entering the game via public vote similar to that of the Illyria tribe from the first Fans vs. Favorites. Notable auditionees include Allan, Joey and Mike T. who have earned the title of Sole iSurv1vor in seasons past. Allan, Britti and Taylor are campaigning for their fifth game and additionally share the distinction of being the first four-time players in Macedonia.

  • The first round saw the thirty players divided by seasons competed previously
  • The second round saw the twenty-four players divided by highest, medium and lowest votes from round one
  • The third round saw the eighteen players divided by their intended tribe affiliation of Mental, Physical or Social
  • The fourth round saw the twelve players face off against somebody from their grouping in the third round. The matchups were;
    • Ricky vs. Kelman
    • Hooker vs. Juice
    • Britti vs. Nicole
    • Mandy vs. Hunter
    • Mike T. vs. Felix
    • Ky vs. Desireé
  • The final round saw the last two from each grouping go to a vote determined by the Production Team, the player with the most votes would secure their coach role. Hooker and Ky as the Karak and Anjara coaches withdrew, they were replaced by Ricky and Nicole respectively.


During the final round, Sandros announced a wildcard vote wherein those eliminated would have the opportunity to enter the game as a regular player alongside the coach though they must be chosen by their potential tribe mates who remained unknown.[10] Desireé joined Karak, Debbie, who was later replaced by Emily joined Anjara and Dylan joined Madaba after Ricky moved to a Coach role.


The season received positive reviews, mainly for the merge portion onwards but reception for the coaches was less than well received as many believed their roles were too much of an advantage despite the option given to the players to de-throne their coach.

The players were praised in general for their competitive nature, behaviour, co-operation and dedication. Sandy enjoyed how the season "started awkward and slow" in comparison to the two previous games with a steady incline of shining personalities, great gameplay, drama and blindsides. Tucker, one of the hosts and graphic designers went on record saying it was his second favourite season.



The iSurv1vor Series

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