• Japan is the 6th "versus" style season following Cambodia, Peru, Montenegro, Tasmania and Bali
    • This is the series second Fans vs. Favorites following on from Montenegro which happened eight seasons prior.
  • Kelman was the 300th person to be voted out since the series began.
  • Robbie was apart of the original Favorites tribe in Montenegro.
  • Jeffrey appeared in the premiere episode of Big Brother 16 where HouseGuest Paola receieved her key to the Big Brother house.

    Jeffrey (left) dancing with Paola

  • All the episode titles will be in Japanese, similar to Mexico where Spanish was used.
  • Japan set a record for the most ties in a single season, with 4.
  • Japan is the first season to have a tie with the Player of the Season poll, as Samantha, Nicole and Sassy all tied for the title.

The iSurv1vor Series

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