• The logo for India was designed exclusively for iSurv1vor.
  • Joe and Jordan are the only players in iS history to compete twice with Redemption Island in play.
  • Jeffy held the distinction of most days at Redemption Cove with twelve.
  • Woods has the longest record of surviving Tribal Council after returning from Redemption Cove with 2, Parq and Mariconda (the two redeemed from Bali) were voted out at the following Tribal Council's they attended
  • Brahmin is the series third tribe to be a pre-merge and merge tribe after Memphis from Egypt and Ta'lab from Arabia
  • Jedda appeared in the Australian Reality TV show Young, Lazy & Driving Us Crazy! in 2014, where he was the eventual winner, taking home $20,000.[1]


The iSurv1vor Series

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