Season 19 was officially announced after the Bali reunion, Sandros has confirmed that he will be hosting whilst Tucker would be stepping down after Mexico[1], Kirin would not host due to school commitments whilst Adrian will focus on forum design, making this the first time since Canada that Sandros has hosted solo (though Tucker, Kirin and Adrian stay on as Production Staff) Jared from Faroe Islands and José from Congo will take over iSurv1vor Live! duties, interviewing alumni and contestants of the series though they did not assume these duties in Japan due to José competing as one of the Favorites tribe[2]

Casting for the season began September 1st, 2013 (two days after the Mexico finale) and closed September 10th, 2013. The initial cast was slated for fourteen players in a similar fashion to Bermuda but after a surge of new applicants the cast expanded to seventeen and finally twenty-one. Mike (Bermuda) and Cody (Mexico) were due to play but were both cut and Kelman (Faroe Islands) was offered a spot but turned it down, he returned to compete in Japan.

Redemption Cove

After a one season absence, Redemption Island was retooled and known as Redemption Cove for India. When there are either 2 or 3 inhabitants at Redemption Cove those people will compete in a Duel (or Truel) to remain in the game for one more round. There is one re-entry point where that person returns to the merge camp at the Final Ten without any form of immunity from the first vote and is eligible to be voted out once again. This style of Redemption was radically different from Bali as the person who won the duel waited for the next competitor rather than returning to their old tribe.

Redemption Cove redeemed Woods on Day 19 after defeating Zack and Quanz. When the Untouchables twist occured on Day 28, Jedda was saved by the Brahmin tribe to return and Nax defeated Ricky in the final duel on Day 30.

The iSurv1vor Series

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