iSurv1vor Live!
Season 5 of iS Live!
Season(s) Bali
Hosted Drew (Venezuela)
José (India, Venezuela)
Season Run 2013 - Present
Former Presenters Kirin (Bali, Mexico & Japan)
Jared (India)

iSurv1vor: Live! is a talk show about the Online Reality Game iSurv1vor


The show features the eliminated player being interviewed by the Host about their experiences in the game through AOL Instant Messenger with the chat being posted in a dedicated section of the forum. Alumni would then be able to interpret the transcript and ask additional questions for the player if they visited. Notable former hosts include Cody (The Greek Isles & All-Stars), Lorii (Hawaii, All-Stars & Montenegro and Juice (Canada & Tasmania)


Below is a table of hosts from the revived seasons starting with Bali

Season Host(s)
Bali Fvvkirin
India Faroejared
Japan Fvvkirin
Venezuela Faroedrew
Guest Hosts do not qualify as regulars and do not appear on the table.


List of iSurv1vor Live! Episodes

Despite periodical iSurv1vor Live! interviews in early seasons, Kirin revived the companion show during Bali and has since become a common staple in the series. The conversation is recorded through Skype and uploaded to YouTube with permission being provided to the iSurv1vor Alumni. Midway through Bali, Kirin began interviewing players still in the game and their thoughts so far alongside notable alumni who do not frequent the message board as often as they would like.

Jared and José from Faroe Islands and Congo respectively assumed Hosting duties from Kirin for India, who hosted a side segment called Alumni Updates. Kirin returned in Japan to host full time with Venezuela being hosted by Drew the winner of Faroe Islands with Britti from Peru, Montenegro & Faroe Islands originally casted as co-host, however Sandy felt as though Britti was too busy to host, and therefore was replaced by José.


An audio interview is a screenshot of the Skype call and the participants display pictures to show who is talking. This is the standard technique used when interviewing the latest person eliminated. A feature introduced in India, Final Five has the Hosts ask the guest five questions in rapid succession.

Roundtable Discussion

Introduced in Mexico, the Roundtable is hosted by either Jared, José or Kirin who are joined by numerous alumni and hosts to discuss the current point in the game and predictions for the future. Although these Roundtables are edited down, they're known to carry on for several hours.


The finale of iSurv1vor is typically held through Skype and recorded by iSurv1vor Live! After the votes are read and the winner is revealed, the host will interview all the finalists and get feedback from Production and Alumni that have attended. A preview of the upcoming season is announced by Sandy where recording stops.


  • Jared & José are the first double-act hosts of the series for India however Jared did not return for Venezuela and was replaced by Drew
  • Ricky from India guest-hosted Episode 14 of Season 4 where he interviewed Jared from Faroe Islands as this was deemed a special episode Ricky is credited as such and did not Host further installments.

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