Sandy and Corey confirmed their intention to host a second All-Star game at the finale of Bermuda. Applications were changed to interviews with Production with those interested to make themselves publically known on the HvV Forum.[1] Mike D. as the Sole iSurv1vor of the most recent season in Bermuda was restricted to compete though previous winners to him were fair game.

Due to the nature of the application process, the fifty-three shortlisted candidates would be eliminated on a daily basis by Sandy leaving the final twenty-two to enter the game. Mike and Sarah from Fiji, Joey and Tim from Patagonia, Donna, Joe and Richard from China, Keisha, KJ, Michelle and Taylor from Cambodia, Heather from Hawaii, Zack and Alyssa from Peru, Courtney, Jermaine and Noah from Canada, Amanda, Chris, CJ, Cody, LaFrance, Park and Robbie from Arabia, Syafiq from Montenegro and Jessica, Klein and Zander from Bermuda were all cut, though many would return in later seasons.

The official cast were released over a period of two weeks with two people announced each time. The order of the reveal was Tom, Jordan, Bud, RB, Ashley, Stephen, Megan, Bridget, Tucker, Morgan, Torah, Joel, Jeffrey, Erin, Hooker, Allan, Jamie, Juice, Stickman, Katy, Clayton & Erik.

The iSurv1vor Series

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