Contestant Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe Votes Against
Hawaiichris Chris Nu'uanu
Hawaiikodie Kodie Humuhumu
TBC Nick Humuhumu
Hawaiichicken Chicken Humuhumu
TBC Monique Humuhumu Humuhumu
Hawaiiandii Andii Nene Nene
Hawaiiartist Artist Nene Nene
Hawaiimatthew Matthew Nu'uanu Humuhumu
Hawaiiheather Heather-Leigh Nene Humuhumu
Hawaiikyle Kyle
Nu'uanu Humuhumu Mu
Hawaiiearl Earl Nu'uanu Nene
TBC Piper Nu'uanu Humuhumu
Hawaiialicia Alicia
Nu'uanu Humuhumu
Hawaiijosh Josh Nene Nene
Hawaiistephanie Stephanie None Nene[1] Eliminated
Day 1
Returned To Game
Day 16
Voted Out
Hawaiilorii Lorii Humuhumu Humuhumu
Hawaiiashley Ashley Humuhumu Nene
Hawaiipayne Payne Nene Nene
Hawaiiallan Allan Nene Nene Sole iSurv1vor

The iSurv1vor Series

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