Hall of Fame
Survivor Gameplay
Description A special recognition of notable players of iSurv1vor for their gameplay, personality or contributions to the series.

The Hall of Fame is an alumni-voted competition where five inductees are voted in based on their merits in iSurv1vor.


A Hall of Fame is typically conducted at the conclusion of any season wherein the the Executive Producer will nominate ten players from across the series to be put forward for voting, once the ten are announced the voting then takes place over a number of days where the players can campaign to the alumni. A player can be nominated multiple times for enrollment but in order to earn a place they must collect enough votes. During the Winter 2015 campaign, it was announced that the top three vote receivers would be entered alongside two choices determined by the Production Team.[1]



  • Thirteen Sole iSurv1vor's have reached Hall of Fame.
  • Eighteen men and seven women have reached Hall of Fame.
  • In the Spring 2016 inductees Brian and Morgan were posthumously inducted during the prelimary voting.


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