In iSurv1vor, the Glory Spot is a title held by the person who finishes 5th in any given season.


China alum Tom Z. was considered a fan favorite amongst the iSurv1vor community and as such his name became legend. Despite this he failed to meet expectations at the first All-Stars however returned for a Tasmania where he once again finished in 5th place. Post-Elimination, Tom declared 5th Place as the Glory Spot and since then has been popularized by the alumni and Production staff with many considering the 5th place elimination to be a highlight of the game with the holders more recently going on to win Player of the Season. All preceeding players who reached fifth place pre-Tasmania have been given the title as well.

Use in iSurv1vor

During the series 20th season, Japan, the Final Five Challenge was titled "FOR THE GLORY" hosted by Tom which involved the remaining five castaways to revise their history of all the previous fifth place finishers to complete a series of challenges and puzzles.

Glory Spot Holders

Season Glory Spot Holder
Fiji Fijisteff Steff
Patagonia Patagoniashuri Shuri
The Greek Isles Greekisleslandon Landon
China Chinatom Tom
Egypt TBC Sean
Cambodia Cambodiadarcy Darcy
Hawaii Hawaiistephanie Stephanie
All-Stars Asmatthew Matt
Peru Perubritti Britti
Canada TBC Riley
Arabia Arabialafrance LaFrance
Montenegro Fvvalexander Alex
Bermuda Bermudastephen Stephen
Tasmania Hvvtom Tom
(China & All-Stars)
Faroe Islands Faroejared Jared
Congo Congosagar Sagar
Bali Balidylan Dylan
Mexico Mexicosassy Sassy
India Indiajermaine Jermaine
Japan Japannicole Nicole
Venezuela Venezgray Gray
Haiti Haitiderek Derek
Macedonia Macejared Jared
Botswana Botsandii Andii
(Hawaii, All-Stars &
Faroe Islands)
Andaman Andadavid David
Russia Russrachel Rachel
Tibet Tibetkim Kim
Jordan Jordanmandy Mandy
(The Greek Isles & Botswana)
Blasket Islands TuathDan Dan
Cheju Do Amanda Amanda
The Netherlands Wikimel Melissa
The Netherlands Dutchlatanya Latanya


  • 15 Men and 15 Women are Glory Spot holders. This is due to Tom holding the title twice.
  • 8 Glory Spot holders are returning players.
  • Gray is the first person to return from Redemption Island and get the Glory Spot.
  • Derek is the first person to reset the game and finish at the Glory Spot.
  • Derek & Jared (Haiti & Macedonia) both competed back-to-back and are both titleholders.
  • Andii is the first four-time player to hold this title.

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