Tribe Profile
Season Fans vs Favorites 3
Namesake Ganden Monastery
Tribe Type Starting
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Dontok
Tribe Status Dissolved on Day 10
Lowest Placing Member Jessica (24/24)
Highest Placing Member Ginny (Sole iSurv1vor)



Ganden has no insignia.



Ganden is a starting tribe of Tibet

This tribe is entirely comprised of returning players.


Day 1

Tibetbanks Tibetchris Tibetdaniel Tibetginny
Tibetgray Tibetjela Tibetjessica Tibetsherry
  • » Banks, a Rookie known for possessing and incorrectly using his Express Pass.
  • » Chris, a member of the original "American" Kwele tribe who failed to vote anyone out.
  • » Daniel, known for having the highest amount of votes in a single season and long standing rivalry with Gannon.
  • » » » Ginny, originally evacuated in her original season, to notorious Villain and later Favorite.
  • » Gray, who returned from Shaman's Redemption but failed to secure Immunity leading to his second elimination in the same season.
  • » Jela, known for underperforming in her first season leading to an early elimination.
  • » Jessica, a casualty between two warring alliances in her first season.
  • » Sherry, who was voted out on the first day due to her aggressive strategy.



The iSurv1vor Series

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