Tribe Profile
Season Blood vs Water
Namesake Gallarus Oratory
Tribe Type Starting
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Túath
Moylur (Day 7-16)
Tribe Status Merged to Fíochmar on Day 22
Lowest Placing Member Jennifer (21/24)
Highest Placing Member TBC (??/24)



Gallarus has no insignia.



Gallarus is a starting tribe of Blasket Islands


Day 1

After the first impressions vote left Jennifer without her partner, Constance, she along with Shane as the "bloodless" players would captain the new tribes.

Blasketandrew Blasketchris Blasketdavis Blaskethassan Blasketjennifer
Blasketjoanne Blasketleblanc Blasketmarybeth Blasketohenry Blasketrosie Blaskettierra
  • Andrew, Rosie's boyfriend.
  • » » Chris, a member of the original American tribe turned Favorite and Arielle's uncle.
  • » Davis, part of the brawn tribe who defeated Nicole's boyfriend Dylan at Redemption and Tierra's fianceé.
  • Hassan, LeBlanc's childhood friend.
  • Jennifer, Constance's sister.
  • » » Joanne, a two-time veteran and All-Star and Trevor's wife.
  • LeBlanc, Hassan's childhood friend.
  • Mary-Beth, Scarola's girlfriend.
  • » O'Henry, the first player voted out of the merged Kalahoiya tribe and Ty's cousin.
  • Rosie, Andrew's girlfriend.
  • » Tierra, who lost to four-time player Ginny at the Final Tribal Council and Davis' fianceé.

Day 7

Blasketandrew Blasketchris Blasketleblanc
Blasketmarybeth Blasketohenry Blaskettierra
  • Andrew
  • » » Chris
  • LeBlanc
  • Mary-Beth
  • » O'Henry
  • » Tierra

Day 16

Blasketandrew Blasketchris Blasketdan
Blasketleblanc Blasketohenry Blaskettierra
  • Andrew
  • » » Chris
  • Dan, Maranda's fianceé.
  • LeBlanc
  • » O'Henry
  • » Tierra

Day 18

Blasketandrew Blasketchris Blasketdan
Blaskethassan Blasketleblanc Blaskettierra
  • Andrew
  • » » Chris
  • Dan
  • Hassan
  • LeBlanc
  • » Tierra

Day 19

Blasketandrew Blasketchris Blaskethassan
Blasketleblanc Blasketmaranda Blaskettierra
  • Andrew
  • » » Chris
  • Hassan
  • LeBlanc
  • Maranda, Dan's fianceé.
  • » Tierra


  • The day one lineup consisted of three pairs (Davis & Tierra, Andrew & Rosie, Hassan & LeBlanc) and five singles (Chris, Jennifer, Joanne, Mary-Beth & O'Henry)
  • The tribe lived amongst the ruins of an old townhouse according to the "Lay of the Land" Immunity Challenge.


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