Sole iSurv1vor Profile
Hometown Detroit, Michigan


Tribes Chavin
Placement 1/18
Days Lasted 39


Tribes Illyria
Placement 11/22


Tribes Heroes
Placement 12/22
Days Lasted 33

Erik is the winner of Peru, later competing in Montenegro and Tasmania

A natural leader, Erik across all his three seasons immediately placed himself into strong positions and earned the trust of his fellow players. His subsequent games since winning has seen Erik get involved in some controversial events and even quit to save somebody.

Erik was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013.

iSurv1vor: Peru

Voting History

iSurv1vor: Montenegro

Erik returned for a second time as a "Favorite"

Voting History

iSurv1vor: Heroes vs. Villains

Returning for his third game, Erik's popularity gained him an automatic spot[1] on the Heroes tribe. Quickly asserting himself into an alliance with Tom, Stephen, Erin and Morgan they controlled a small part of the game before the tribe switch where Erik and villain Jeffrey picked the new Heroes tribe which lacked a huge amount of strength in challenges.

On Day 21, Erik and his alliance voted out Megan (from Bermuda) but upon her elimination she opened a message in a bottle that granted her the ability to send two people who voted against her into a Duel. Erik and Jeffrey were selected but before their challenge started, Erik quit the game and wished his tribe good luck.

Voting History

  1. During casting for Tasmania, Erik was immediately told that he was going to play



  • Erik is the series first winner to play a second time.