El Concurso
Tribe Profile
Season Venezuela
Namesake "Competition" in Spanish
Tribe Type Merged from Corazón and Orgullo
Day Formed Day 22
Tribe Status Active
Lowest Placing Member Alyx (12/20)
Highest Placing Member Audrey (1/24)

Flag unavailable.


El Concurso has no insignia.



El Concurso was the merged tribe of Venezuela

The tribe is composed of former members of Corazón and Orgullo.


Venezalyx Venezaudrey Venezbailey Venezbrittany Venezdru Venezgabriel
Venezgray Venezjulie Venezmary Venezrobbyrob Venezshaily Veneztrevor


  • Other names up for consideration were Fusionado, Fuerza, Numinous, Realeza, Yanomami, Pina Colada & Team Shaily.[1]
  • All members of the merge made at least the jury, Ky (who was at Redemption when the tribes merged) became the fifth member of the jury overall and did not become a member of El Concurso.


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