Sole iSurv1vor
Hometown Billings, Montana


Tribes Skorin
Placement 1/19
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted 39

Drew is the winner of Faroe Islands

iSurv1vor: Faroe Islands

I could care less about your vote you delusional f**k!

–Drew (to Jared at the Final Tribal Council)

Assigned to the Skorin tribe, Drew was immediately drawn to Ryan and returnee Britti who formed a three-person alliance that would remain a dominant force throughout the game.

With his tribe dominating in challenges, Drew began to focus on his strategy when the tribes merged. His alliance remained strong and began to systematically eliminate the former Kalsoy tribe but after a twist that saw a Duel take place between two Skorin, he saw an opportunity to make a side deal with Brian who was regarded as the de Facto Kalsoy leader and most outspoken member of the merge alongside Britti when it became apparant that Ryan was too close to Jared. When the new alliance of three blindsided Jared, Drew escaped with minimal fallout.

At the Final Four, Drew sided once again with Ryan and Brittany and voted out Brian making him the final jury member. At the Final Tribal Council, he was noted for being the player with the least amount of blood on his hands and for playing a perfect under-the-radar strategy whilst his alliance took a lot of heat which was controversial. In a bold move, Drew became frustrated with Jared's actions during the Final Tribal Council and told him to shut up and give his vote to anybody else but him, this outburst did not hurt the end result as the former members of Kalsoy decided he was the worthiest of the three and in a 3-2-1 decision became the fifteenth Sole iSurv1vor.

Voting History

Drew's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Skorin Immune
2 Skorin Immune
3 Skorin Immune
4 Joshua -
5 Skorin Immune
6 Dantz -
7 Totte -
8 Joel -
9 Vote Blocked
10 Sheri -
11 Jared -
Brian -
Jury Votes
To Win
Joel, Sheri, Brian
Sole iSurv1vor, Day 39

iSurv1vor: Macedonia

Voting History

Drew's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Zeus Immune
2 Zeus Immune
3 Achilles Immune
4 Achilles Immune
Voted Out, Day 18


  • Drew won the game with 3 votes, the smallest in any iSurv1vor Final Tribal Council.
  • Drew applied as a member of the Favorites tribe in Japan but was cut.
  • Drew was appointed host for the fifth season of iSurv1vor Live!