Season 16 was officially announced after the Faroe Islands reunion. Sandy, Britti and Ryan from Faroe Islands were due to take over hosting duties however both the planned co-hosts backed out and Tucker returned to the series though Production did not begin until late 2012.

This season, contestants used Skype as the primary means of contact instead of AOL Instant Messenger.

Hidden Immunity Idols

Despite Hidden Immunity Idols being a staple in iSurv1vor, this season each player was handed an Immunity Idol on Day 1. The contestants were informed that there would be no additional idols awarded or bought at auctions and were given the opportunity to play them at one Tribal Council only as well as idols are free to change hands between players in their own tribe. If an entire tribe plays their Idols at the same time, they would all enter a tie-break competition where the loser would leave the game permanently, this rule was implemented to avoid all players exercising them at one point.

The iSurv1vor Series

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