Contestant Tribe Affiliation Voted Out
Original Tribes Swapped Tribes Merged Tribe
Chris Braga
18, Rhode Island
1st Voted Out
Day 3
Jake Jake
18, Maryland
Yuan 2nd Voted Out
Day 4
Marcia Marcia
47, New York
Joseon 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
38, Massachusetts
Yuan 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Shannon Shannon
40, Vancouver
Joseon 5th Voted Out
Day 15
Beth Beth
18, Ohio
Joseon Yuan 7th Voted Out
Day 21
Red Red
26, New York
Yuan Yuan 8th Voted Out
Day 24
Joshy Joshy
28, Michigan
Joseon Yuan Sakura Removed
Day 26
Demonica Demonica
26, Tennessee
Joseon Joseon Sakura 9th Voted Out
Day 27
Genki Genki
19, Virginia
Joseon Joseon Sakura 10th Voted Out
Day 29
Simon Simon
17, Colorado
Joseon Joseon Sakura 11th Voted Out
Day 31
Ashley Ashley
24, Iowa
Yuan Yuan Sakura 12th Voted Out
Day 31
Gluck Gluck
21, Connecticut
Joseon Joseon Sakura 13th Voted Out
Day 33
Amanda Amanda
34, Illinois
Yuan Joseon Sakura 14th Voted Out
Day 36
Kodi Kodi
28, Washington
Yuan Joseon Sakura 15th Voted Out
Day 38
Laura Laura
40, Ontario
Yuan Joseon Sakura 2nd Runner-Up
Michael Michael
31, New York
Joseon Yuan Sakura 6th Voted Out
Day 18
Day 27
Dennis Dennis
16, Tennessee
The King Cherry
King Status King Status King Status Sole iSurv1vor


  1. During the second Immunity Challenge, Jake was caught attempting to cheat during a 'Cry on the Spot' duel against, Shannon. Prior to even losing the challenge, the Yuan tribe contacted Sandy and requested an impromptu Tribal Council to vote out, Jake, who they no longer felt comfortable playing with.
  2. At Tribal Council all votes that were read were placed on a Russian Roulette wheel. When it was spun it landed on the only parchment with Shannon's name on it and her torch was snuffed, despite Demonica receiving five votes & Simon receiving three.
  3. Due to Joshy breaching the agreement laid out in the rules & regulations, Joshy was removed from the game.
  4. At Tribal Council once Simon was voted out, he started off a chain of safety by saving Gluck. Once Gluck saved someone, which was Michael, he was instructed to start hiking back to camp. Michael too saved someone and headed back to camp. This trend continued until only Amanda, Ashley, and Dennis were left remaining unsaved at Tribal Council. Their names were written on parchments and spun on the Russian Roulette wheel. It landed on a parchment with Ashley's name on it, and she was voted out.

  5. Michael won the right to re-enter the game.

The iSurv1vor Series

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