Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish
Original Tribes Kidnapped Tribes Merged Tribe
Cambodiadan Dan Rbus Kunpab Rbus Kunpab
Cambodiaalicia Alicia Phkaloum Phkaloum
Cambodiakyle Kyle Rbus Kunpab Rbus Kunpab
Cambodiajia Jia Phkaloum Rbus Kunpab
Cambodiabridget Bridget Phkaloum Phkaloum
Cambodiavon Von Rbus Kunpab Rbus Kunpab
Cambodiaaroh Aroh Rbus Kunpab Rbus Kunpab Mekong
Cambodiatravis Travis Rbus Kunpab Rbus Kunpab
Cambodiacasey Casey Rbus Kunpab Rbus Kunpab
Cambodiakeisha Keisha Phkaloum Phkaloum
Cambodiataylor Taylor Rbus Kunpab Phkaloum
Cambodiadarcy Darcy Phkaloum Phkaloum
Cambodiamichelle Michelle Phkaloum Rbus Kunpab
Cambodiakj KJ Phkaloum Phkaloum
Cambodiakenyon Kenyon Rbus Kunpab Rbus Kunpab 7th Voted Out[1]
Day 39
Cambodiachristina Christina Phkaloum Rbus Kunpab Sole iSurv1vor

The iSurv1vor Series

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