Tribe Profile
Season India
Namesake Supreme Self in Sanskrit
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1 (Starting)
Day 19 (Merged)
Rival Tribe(s) Vaishya (Day 1-19)
Shudra (Day 1-19)
Tribe Status Active
Lowest Placing Member Nicole (10/21)
Highest Placing Member Animal (1/21)

Flag unavailable.


Brahmin has no insignia.



Brahmin was a starting and merged tribe of India

During the early stages of the game, Brahmin was a tribe that guaranteed Immunity during the "three tribe camp" twist. On Day 19, Brahmin became the final merged tribe for the remaining players.

Original Members

Indiaanimal Indiafei Indiagreg
Indiajoe Indiajordan Indianicole Indiawoods
  • Animal
  • Fei
  • Greg
  • » Joe
  • » Jordan
  • Nicole
  • Woods

Merged Tribe

On Day 19 following the final Redemption Cove duel between Woods, Zack and Quanz the final ten merged to Brahmin.


  • Along with Memphis and Ta'lab, Brahmin is the third tribe to be a starting and later merged tribe.
  • Nicole never lost a Tribal Immunity Challenge and stayed on Brahmin until the first merged Tribal Council.
  • Joe and Jermaine are the second and third winners to return for a second season and make the merge following Erik.


The iSurv1vor Series

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