Sole iSurv1vor


Tribes Kuban
Placement 1/20
Alliances Whitney
Sexy Six
Challenges Won 5
Times Exiled 0
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 39

Michael (known in game as Brady) is the winner of Russia

Known for being emotionally distant from the rest of the cast, he is best remembered for forcing a rock draw to protect his alliances and antagonistic behaviour.

iSurv1vor: Russia

Tanya and Gannon wanted Whitney out, it was so stupid! I mean God! It's dumb as hell!


Starting out on the all-American Kuban tribe, Brady failed to make the right connections out the gate and regularly got into confrontations with Constance, Hunter and Mark with the intention of placing fear into the other Americans though at the cost of having his name thrown out everytime he attended Tribal Council. Despite his nature, Brady stayed on the right side of the vote as his enemies were subsequently eliminated whilst maintaining his alliance with the only person he trusted, Whitney. When the tribes divided into three, Brady built an alliance with Gannon though at the first Tribal Council he attended on the New Kuban tribe Gannon sent himself to Exile forcing a tie between Natalie and his alliance with Whitney, after a plea from Tanya to switch his vote Brady turned down the offer and forced a purple rock draw at the risk of eliminating himself, but was spared after Tanya drew the purple rock.

Upset by his move, Natalie made it clear to the newly merged Teplo tribe of Brady's ties to Whitney and the events of the previous Tribal Council though this would be overshadowed by the Malka tribe self destructing. Brady and Natalie patched up their differences and joined Whitney, Gannon, Felix and Will in the "Sexy Six" alliance though this fell apart after Whitney played her reset ability on the alliances main target; Daniel. At this point in the game, Brady began to re-evaluate his situation and following Jessica's vote off he chose to turn on the biggest social threat in the game, Gannon, by recruiting Rachel and Georgina. His move propelled him to stay in the majority until the final three where he faced the jury with Felix and Whitney.

At the Final Tribal Council, Brady was praised and critiqued for being knowingly deceptive and playing a stronger game than his fellow finalists. When the votes were revealed, Brady became the twenty-sixth Sole iSurv1vor in a 7-1-1 vote.

Voting History

Brady's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Danny Hunter, Mark
2 Maranda Maranda
3 Kuban Immune
4 No Vote
5 Kuban Immune
6 Kuban Immune
7 Natalie
8 Daniel
9 Daniel
10 Jessica Individual Immunity
11 No Vote
Gannon -
12 Daniel -
13 Rachel Individual Immunity
Georgina Georgina
Jury Votes
To Win
Daniel, Gannon, Georgina
Jessica, Rachel, Tanya, Will
Sole iSurv1vor, Day 39