• This is the eighth season to have a versus theme following Cambodia, Peru, Montenegro, Tasmania, Bali, Japan and Venezuela.
  • The gender numbers were once again equal, eleven women and eleven men making the fourth season to do so.
  • This is the first time the series has used the "Rookies vs. Veterans" subtitle since Bali.
  • An Instant Tribal Council on Day 1 is the first time that players have been eliminated by majority vote unlike other seasons when an elimination challenge took place.
  • Sherry voted out marks the first time a Rookie was eliminated by majority vote before the merge.
    • Susan is the second Rookie to be eliminated without a vote (evacuation) before the merge.
  • Brittany's evacuation on day three makes her the only returnee to leave that way.
  • The third episode this season marks the first time that a Veterans tribe has won Immunity against the Rookies in both RvV seasons.
  • Sherry, Sharonica, Brittany, Stephanie and Susan are unique in that they are the first five players to be eliminated from the competition and are women. The longest continuous streak of one gender eliminations was in Congo but with men.
  • The removal in episode five is the first tribe since Cambodia that multiple players have left outside of a majority elimination.
    • Santiago's removal is the first time a returning player has left this way.
  • All the castaways whos names started with the letter S were all eliminated before the merge.
  • Andii reached 100 game days on day thirty, she was inducted into the 100 Club.

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