With the intention of iSurv1vor ceasing further production of seasons after Macedonia, the Production team moved onto other projects most notably Samm and Vic who have gone to produce Endure. In May 2015, Sandy revealed the next location for a new season set in Botswana. Tucker and Britti returned as assistants to the series with Britti heading up the eighth season of iSurv1vor Live. A week prior to the announcement of the season, numerous teasers and updates were posted through the Facebook Group with the twist and board going live on May 31st, 2015. A number of alumni were contacted prior to the announcement about being involved and were asked to not reveal information regarding further stages in casting. The rule regarding Veterans being classed as players voted out before the merge and/or jury was relaxed with any previous player eligible to compete as long as they did not win their season. On June 2nd, Sandros opened the audition process to new and returning players. Auditions closed June 18th, two days earlier than planned with the cast extended from eighteen to twenty-two.

The cast announcement will be in two parts, the first will reveal the eleven new castaways on July 3rd with the returning players revealed on day one which is slated for July 5th.[1]

Notable former players that were approached included Klein (Bermuda & Bali), Tony (Faroe Islands), Adrian (Congo), Heeral & Kieran (Bali), Jermin (Mexico) BK, Woods and Zack (India), Daniel (Japan), Julie (Venezuela) and Jessica (Haiti)


The iSurv1vor Series

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