• The original tribe names were intended to be Pemula and Kawakan.
  • Wesley is the only person to quit the game at the time of winning Immunity.
    • Wesley's quit is also the earliest appearance of a player withdrawing from the game.
  • Bali marks the first time that there has not been a tribe switch/division since Fiji
  • Mariconda holds the record for longest time between seasons with fifteen.
  • No two players on the Veterans tribe have competed against or with one another before in the series.
  • Nobody who visited Redemption Island would merge at the Final 11.
  • Parq is the first person to ever be voted out and win a Duel at Redemption Island.
    • Parq is also the first two time player to have his torch snuffed three times.
      • Klein (as Parq's partner) is the first person to lose at Redemption Island without being voted off beforehand.
  • Bill & Joe made the Final 2 and were partners throughout the pre-merge.
    • Heeral & Kieran were also partnered and both made the Final 4.
  • Kecak became the first tribe to never visit Tribal Council.
  • Parq was voted out one round before the merge in both his seasons.
  • Gibson was voted out one round before the Jury began in both his seasons.
  • The first merged Tribal Council saw the votes split in four directions, the same as last season.
  • Dan and Fiers are the only returnees to have never won Tribal Immunity.
  • Fiers attended every Tribal Council in the game, whether as a Finalist or a Juror.
  • Brandon played his Express pass at the second merged Tribal Council, the same move Sagar played in Congo.
  • Kieran is the first person to be eliminated by iS Points.

The iSurv1vor Series

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