Contestant Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe Finish
Day 1-3 Day 4[1]
Arabiacj CJ Shams
Arabiachris Chris Shams Shams
Arabiajake Jake Shams Shams
Arabialuke Luke Shams Shams Shams
Arabiadavid David Ta'lab Ta'lab Ta'lab
Hvvbud Bud Ta'lab Ta'lab Shams
Arabiapark Park Ta'lab Ta'lab Shams
Peruginny Ginny
None Shams Shams
Arabiableeker Bleeker Shams Shams Ta'lab Ta'lab
Arabiateagan Teagen Ta'lab Ta'lab Ta'lab
Arabiavartevar Vartevar Ta'lab Ta'lab Ta'lab
Arabiamel Melanie Ta'lab Ta'lab Ta'lab
Arabiaalex Alexander Shams Shams Shams
Arabialafrance LaFrance Ta'lab Ta'lab Ta'lab
Arabiataylor Taylor
Cambodia & All-Stars
None Ta'lab Ta'lab
Arabiaamanda Amanda Shams Shams Ta'lab 2nd Runner-Up
Arabiarobbie Robbie Shams Shams Shams Runner-Up
Arabiajamie Jamie Ta'lab Ta'lab Ta'lab Sole iSurv1vor

Game Notes

  1. Shams and Ta'Lab were joined by Ginny & Taylor respectively

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The iSurv1vor Series

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