Sole iSurv1vor Profile
Hometown Apopka, FL
Occupation Vendor


Tribes Brahmin
Placement 1/21
Alliances #AnimalHouse
Axis of Evil (affiliate)
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 39

Cody (known in-game as Animal) is the winner of India

The first player to win in a unanimous decision, Animal played up his strong social game whilst always looking out for himself through his self-named alliance #AnimalHouse. His efforts earned him the nineteenth Sole iSurv1vor title, defeating a former champion in the process.

Animal was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013.


Animal attends the University of Florida studying Telecommunications.

iSurv1vor: India

1 2[1] 3 4 5 6 7
Animal Brahmin Brahmin Shudra Brahmin Vaishya Brahmin

I feel like I've done virtually everything in my power to get myself here with the best odds I had to win.


Starting the game with the mentality of not wanting to take a back seat, Animal took the initiative to uncover early alliances and begin rallying others to counter them such as Ricky's Axis of Evil. Finding himself in a strong position due to his strong social game and impressive challenge performance saw Animal attend two pre-merge Tribal Councils where he was never considered a possibility to eliminate.

When the Caste System twist concluded and the tribes merged after the return of Woods from Redemption Cove, Animal had returned to the good graces of the Axis of Evil but rebelled when it became apparant that if he continued to trust them he would be seen as somebody who is loyal to their cause instead of playing his own game. At this point, Animal had been voted the most likely to win the game in an Immunity Challenge and in doing so shaping his strategy for the last few rounds by not trying to make big moves and avoid others attempting to blindside him. His closeness with alliance members Jedda and Joe saw him reach the final four and after weighing up his options decided to vote off Jedda for fear of him winning the entire game. The Jury applauded his strategy and take on the game, coupled with his impressive answers earned all seven votes to win.

Voting History

Animal's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Brahmin Immune
2 No Vote
3 Brahmin Immune
4 No Vote[2]
5 Brahmin Immune
6 Quanz
7 Nicole -
8 No Vote
9 Ricky -
10 Safe from Untouchables[3]
11 Nax Individual Immunity
12 Jermaine
Jedda, Jermaine
Jedda Jedda
Jury Votes
To Win
Quanz, Nicole, Woods
Ricky, Nax, Jermaine, Jedda
Sole iSurv1vor, Day 39
  1. Caste system was cancelled due to Aaron and Honey being removed.
  2. No votes were cast due to Jordan quitting the game.
  3. Animal had a high amount of Rupees when the twist came into play, granting him Immunity for this round

The iAmaz1ng Race

Animal joined the inaugral season of The iAmaz1ng Race with Cody from The Greek Isles. They were eliminated in the finale placing 2nd overall.



  • Animal is the first person to win the game in a unanimous vote.
  • Animal is the second Cody to win, but the first by a jury decision.