Sandy, Tucker and Britti will return to host with Joe (Bali, India & Macedonia), Jermaine (Canada & India) and Mandy (The Greek Isles & Botswana) making their debut on Production this season. iSurv1vor Live! will incorporate other members of Production to conduct interviews. The first preview of Andaman was posted on the iSurv1vor Facebook Group dated August 14, 2015 using the tagline "The Game Evolves" and hashtag #IslandofSavages.[1] iS Points, the in-game currency and Most Valuable Player (MVP) will make a return to the series after a three-season absence and Exile Island returns since Tasmania. Prediction Writers were retired after a poor showing in Botswana with the hosts discussing the game instead. Auditions were once again held alongside Production actively recruiting new players with the end date for applicants on September 14th, 2015. Teasers for the season included screenshots of the forum under development and one of the upcoming tribes, Adazig.[2][3] The new castaways were revealed September 15th, 2015 when Sandy premiered the intro video of the season. During an interview with RealityRules on BlogTalkRadio Sandy miscounted the amount of players unintentionally starting with seventeen players opposed to the originally scheduled sixteen.[4] A planned idea featuring returning players notorious for being villainous in their past seasons competing alongside the cast after the first round was considered but ultimately cut.


The iSurv1vor Series

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