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Name: Andaman
Season Run: 2015
(list of episodes)
iSurv1vors: 17
Mike T.
Runner(s)-up: Arsen
Tribes: Adazig
Kay (27)
Emily (28)
O'Henry (29)
Kyle (31)
Markos (31)
Previous Season: Botswana
Next Season: Russia
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iSurv1vor: AndamanIsland of Savages is the twenty-fifth season of iSurv1vor.

The theme of the season was based on the savagery and ruthless culture of the Andamanese.

On Day 1, the seventeen castaways were placed on one tribe known as Adazig and were told that what they knew about the game in terms of assuming when tribe switches and the merge would occur as the emphasis would be on their social game. Exile Island was reintroduced after a ten season hiatus, allowing the chosen castaway to look for a "game-changing" item unbeknowst to the castaways that there was nothing to find or mutiny to another tribe during the pre-merge, with the option to stay on Exile Island and skip Tribal Council once the tribes merged.

Day 4 brought a tribe switch with the fifteen eligible players divided into three tribes of five. Immunity Challenges from the third episode onward introduced reward incentives, awarding the player(s) with the greatest individual performance the previously eliminated players' rupees. On Day 19, after the evacuation of Kay leaving only two players on Laxmi, the three tribes merged naming themselves Kalahoiya after a suggestion by Vanessa.

On Day 24, the players were forewarned of a second elimination following the first vote but weren't told of the mechanics until the conclusion of the first vote. As Lila was voted out, she was instructed to name two players on Black Votes that would go into a second vote with the stipulation of her choosing those who voted her out, she chose Kyle and Mike leading to Kyle being voted out moments after Lila.

The Final Tribal Council came with a caveat as those voted out before the merge serve as the ninth juror preventing a tie and share one vote.

"Love Myself" by Hailee Steinfeld was chosen for The iSurv1vor Scavenger Hunt's song of the season.

Mike T. won the game in a 5-4 vote.

Arsen won Player of the Season in a 20.97% vote defeating Vanessa.


Sandy, Tucker and Britti will return to host with Joe (Bali, India & Macedonia), Jermaine (Canada & India) and Mandy (The Greek Isles & Botswana) making their debut on Production this season. iSurv1vor Live! will incorporate other members of Production to conduct interviews. The first preview of Andaman was posted on the iSurv1vor Facebook Group dated August 14, 2015 using the tagline "The Game Evolves" and hashtag #IslandofSavages.[1]

iS Points, the in-game currency and Most Valuable Player (MVP) will make a return to the series after a three-season absence and Exile Island returns since Tasmania. Prediction Writers were retired after a poor showing in Botswana with the hosts discussing the game instead.

Auditions were once again held alongside Production actively recruiting new players with the end date for applicants on September 14th, 2015. Teasers for the season included screenshots of the forum under development and one of the upcoming tribes, Adazig.[2][3] The new castaways were revealed September 15th, 2015 when Sandy premiered the intro video of the season. During an interview with RealityRules on BlogTalkRadio Sandy miscounted the amount of players unintentionally starting with seventeen players opposed to the originally scheduled sixteen.[4]

A planned idea featuring returning players notorious for being villainous in their past seasons competing alongside the cast after the first round was considered but ultimately cut.


Reviews of the season were generally positive with a more "back-to-basics" theme due to the lack of random tribe swaps but due to the seemingly stacked odds of Adazig and Rangat against Laxmi the eliminations prior to the merge were somewhat predictable and lacked real development.

Several of the cast were notorious in their efforts to not follow instruction or comply with requests which slowed down efforts, causing a strain on the Production schedule, though the merge was seen as the highlight of the season specifically praising the character developments of several cast members despite the final two players being criticised for their one-dimensional personalities (though this is due in part to their strong gameplay) Mike T. went on record to say that his game may have seemed boring, however, "I wasn't gonna lose power and then lose to make it interesting"



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