Less than twenty-four hours after Andii had been awarded the Sole iSurv1vor title, it was confirmed that she had been logging in under a different players account (Taylor Street from Cambodia) and obtained information in a section known as Castoff Castle. After the idea of a revote was rejected, Cody was awarded the first place position much to the negative reception of alumni who wished for Kenyon to become a finalist.[1] Cambodia alumni KJ claimed that Cody knew about her actions due to him and Andii having a close relationship and used her cheating as a way to get to the Final 2 and should also shoulder some blame.[2]

Both Andii and Taylor Street were later banned from iSurv1vor for their actions but both returned to compete in later seasons, Taylor in Arabia and Macedonia and Andii in Faroe Islands and Botswana.

The iSurv1vor Series

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