Ala Jabal
Tribe Profile
Season Jordan
Namesake Uphill in Arabic
Tribe Type Merged from Al-Salt and Amman
Day Formed Day 22
Tribe Status Active
Lowest Placing Member Steph (13/21)
Highest Placing Member Nicole (Sole iSurv1vor)



Ala Jabal has no insignia.



Ala Jabal is the merged tribe of Jordan


Day 22

Jordancarlos Jordandesiree Jordandylan
Jordanizzy Jordanjay Jordankate
Jordanmandy Jordannicole Jordanpatia
Jordanreynolds Jordanricky Jordansteph Jordantravis
  • Carlos
  • » Desireé, known for her upbeat personality and ability to coordinate challenge strategies.
  • »» Dylan, known for his blindsides in both seasons and infamous "buff pull" reaction when voted out of his first season.
  • Izzy
  • Jay
  • Kate
  • »» Mandy, known for her improved social game in her last season missing out on a spot in the Final Tribal Council.
  • »»» Nicole, one of the strongest females of Generation III due to her challenge prowess.
  • Patia
  • Reynolds
  • »» Ricky, a notorious member of the "Axis of Evil" alliance in his first season later being targetted early on in his second game.
  • Steph
  • Travis



The iSurv1vor Series

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